Welcome to Dentexcel A Dental practice With A Difference

We have 3 easily accessible locations in the world famous Harley St., City and Acton. With spacious surgeries and friendly staff we fulfill our aim of providing beautiful natural smiles along with high levels of customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

As one of the leading and well respected dental surgeries in the UK Dentexcel has been providing all types of specialist and general dentistry in London for over 20 years, from simple treatments to complex rehabilitations.

As well as our unrivalled dental team of specialists and hospital consultants with many years of experience in providing implant dentistry, cosmetic veneers, crown and bridge restorations, children’s dentistry and orthodontics, Invisalign, root canal treatments, gum problems, and wisdom teeth extractions (oral surgery).

We also have expert practitioners who offer alternative therapies such as acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, facial cosmetics including fillers and antiwrinkle treatments (botulinum toxin eg Botox), as well as various types of massage and homeopathy.

Client Testimonials

  • My Story:
    I had my first extraction at 3 years old, and from that moment on, spent many, many hours in the dentist chair. I was no stranger to abscesses, root canal, bridges, caps…

  • I was always happy with my teeth. They were fairly straight, white and I had a good smile. However, one day I fell over and broke my two front teeth. I was devastated.

    Emergency dental treatment…


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