Cosmetic Dentistry in London

Cosmetic Dentistry

We are smile specialists and can give you a flawless smile to be proud of. Having straighter, longer, shorter and whiter teeth are now all possible using the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques and highest quality materials. Smile makeover is a process involves you, your cosmetic dentist and the team. It starts with the initial consultation where the dentist can assess your needs and listen to your desires. A detailed record of your health, teeth, gum, jaw and bite will be recorded. The dentist will also record any necessary x-ray and clinical photographs. This will allow us to analysis in details your smile.

Reasons to have Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Discoloured Teeth
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Too much gum showing
  • Not enough teeth showing
  • Missing teeth
  • Poor appearance of a smile

Common Problems Addressed by Cosmetic Dentistry

Discoloured Teeth – Teeth that are stained or discoloured make a smile look very unattractive, and can make a person appear to be much older than his or her actual age. Cosmetic dentistry can deal with discoloured teeth through teeth whitening procedures, which work on removing the stains or discolouration’s on teeth surfaces. Veneers or composite bonding can also be used to improve the appearance of discoloured teeth.

Missing Teeth – Teeth that are missing pose numerous problems for the patient – both aesthetically and functionally. Cosmetic dentistry provides solutions to missing teeth problems with the help of dental implants, a bridge or a denture, so that the patient can once again lead the quality of life he or she deserves, even after experiencing the challenges of having lost teeth.

Crowded Teeth/Too Much Spaces between Teeth – Crowded teeth and unsightly spaces between teeth can be remedied with orthodontics or teeth straightening treatments. These cosmetic dentistry procedures will work on moving the teeth into a more properly aligned position, to close unsightly gaps or to correct the overcrowding of teeth. Alternatively, spaces and crowded teeth can be corrected with veneers or composite bonding.

Too Much Gum/Not Enough Teeth Showing – A ‘gummy smile’ is when too much of the gum structure shows when one smiles, which can also make the teeth look unnaturally small. A cosmetic dentistry treatment through gum contouring (or gum re-shaping) can be done to make the gums look smaller – and more natural looking; crown or teeth lengthening will work on making the teeth bigger and more normal looking as well.

Poor Appearance of a Smile – The poor appearance of a smile may be brought about by a number of dental problems, which will need to be addressed individually so that the smile can be improved in an optimal way. A smile makeover may be needed in cases when more than one aspect of the smile needs to be corrected – so that the appearance of the smile is dramatically improved.

We can offer you dental choices that will enhance the smile you have always wanted with a choice of convenient local dental practice locations.

For an assessment of your smile and a detailed treatment plan for a smile makeover, arrange an appointment with Dentexcel.